Technical Specs

Production status:  Production began in February, 2010, wrapped in early 2011. Film is now complete and will premier in April 2014.

Genre:  Cinema-verite documentary

Shooting format:  HD video

Camera: Panasonic  HVX 200

Length:  82 minutes

Projection formats available:  BluRay

Geographic scope:  Southern Humboldt County and Northern Mendocino County in Northwest California, USA.

Director/Producer/Writer/Cinematography:  Mikal Jakubal

Editor:  Gretta Wing Miller/Downtown Dailies

Post Sound:  Aarick Beher

Cast:  Blossom, Jory, Kim, Syreeta

Appearances by: Amber Dawn Robinson, Sgt. Kenny Swithenbank, Dan Brewer, the truck driver.

Music:  The Camo Cowboys.

The titleOne Good Year comes from an oft-repeated phrase around Southern Humboldt that goes something like this:

I need one good year and then I’m going to quit growing weed and follow my dream of […..].

Story synopsis: The film follows four small-scale medical marijuana growers over the course of a year in the hills of Southern Humboldt County.