Greed Weed

I hereby propose a broad, catch-all label for those growing pot in a manner that is destructive of the land, water, fish, forest, wildlife and community:

GREED WEED or, if you prefer, GREED GANJA

We should especially use this whenever we’re talking to reporters or outsiders who don’t know that there is a responsible way to grow pot.

It’s easy to not be greed weedy: Store water, control siltation, avoid pesticides and excess, non-organic fertilizers, avoid rodenticides, care for and restore the land, and contribute to the community. Be working to improve in areas where you’re not already doing these things.

GREED WEED has nothing inherently to do with the size or number of plants. That’s an endless spiral argument, especially since small operations can be very destructive if they only care about quick money. There are some very big growers who store water and grow organically.

GREED WEED. Know your grower. Don’t buy it.